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Guild Role Play
Hosted by maya3331563

Frolic In Camelot's Winter Wonderland

Contact maya3331563 to enter
Be sure to include your Character name and profile.

Next Role Play

Host Needed: contact unionabiel or snakelady1

Hosting Guild RP on Thursday evenings, watch the guild board for updates and times, sometimes to be held in our chat, and sometimes on Messenger or the Guild Boards...

For now, for those of you who are curious or might be thinking of joining us, we rp over msn, if you don't have it, it is probably the easiest thing for you to get. It doesn't take much space and you don't have to pay for it or even give out any info. you don't want them to have. Once you've signed up you don't have to keep the e-mail account running to keep the messenger. But if you want to play that's what you're going to have to do because it's just too difficult to use the message boards on Neopets. If we move to chat or message boards that will also most likely be an MSN community. So, please, if you'd like to join in grab MSN.

A few more things to address: It has been decided that the rp will be medieval fantasy rather than strict history, magic and fantasy characters are now allowed. Also, I would like for people to start thinking of character profiles. A picture of your character to go along with that would be great, but it's not a requirement. However, if you want one and are having trouble finding one let *Merlin*-kmacc2 know because she is the picture lady! If you need an example of a character profile go here.

For the record, your character histories don't have to be long or developed. In fact, you don't have to have a history at all. Some characters just don't have them and that's a good thing! A VERY, VERY good thing! :) It's hard to work in a room full of super hero's :)

First off we'll get a few terms/abbreviations out of the way that you'll probably see a lot of at least from me if no one else. :p

1. BTW= By the way

2. IDK= I Don't Know

3. LOL= laughing out loud

4. OOC= Out of character. Generally in RP we won't be talking ooc too much, but it does happen and that's fine. Just remember, when you are speaking ooc and it's no longer your character talking you need to use brackets, single or double doesn't really matter though double is standard because it's more noticeable.

Example: Serina: *turns to the door, eyes widening in surprise* Serina: ((yay! I've been waiting on you all day!))

It may seem silly but it's simple enough to remember to do and it can cause a LOT of problems if you don't use them. Confusion, chaos and lots of anger generally ensue. So please, PLEASE remember this rule!

5. IC= In character. This is the way you should be most of the time in the rp. Pretty basic really, just remember to SEPARATE your characters actions from his/her speech and not by sending them separately. All actions should be put within asterisks (*) or dashes (-) or something else along those lines, speech is then free unless you want to put in quotes.
Example: *she glares at him, frowning in disgust* what do you want?

6. IRL & RL= these stand for In Real Life and Real Life. You need to make sure you keep this separate from your rp life. Because you hate someone's character does not mean you hate the player and vice versa. Just remember, you're in a fantasy world here and it should not be confused with your real life. If you're having problems take a break for a while you can always come back later when you've calmed down.

7.NPC= Non player/playable character. These are people you imagine in the background, the bartender, the maid, people you know are there but aren't actually played by anyone. In most cases we don't use these. Occasionally a villain might come in with a slave or something along those lines... other people have npc pets. That's totally fine.

8. GRAMMAR= Everyone makes typo's, no big deal, if you're a bad speller then don't worry about getting into a rush to type things either, but no one will fault you for misspelling a few words. However you DO need to actually type words, not substitute numbers and shorten things to abbreviations because everyone will hate you. It is unbelievably annoying and chances are you will be ignored or left out.
So please put: "what are you up to?" Not "wut r u up 2?"

9. GOD MODING= To the vast majority of rp'ers out there this is one of the top two pet peeves. No one wants to play with a character that is invincible/untouchable who can never be hurt or killed and who has sooo much more power than any other character. Just don't. It's no fun for anyone you're playing with and you'll find out that it's no fun for you either when everyone starts ignoring you. ALL characters can be hurt and ALL characters can be killed, no character has supreme and ultimate power. Even gods can die.

10. This goes along with god moding in a way but I don't really have a name for it. But never, NEVER type up the reactions or actions of another character unless it is another character that you yourself play or is an NPC. NEVER say what another character see's when they might be looking in a completely different direction, if they happen to be looking at your character then yes you can say what they see in your character, but that is it. Don't tell them what they feel or think either. This is the height of un-professional rp and will get you quickly put on ignore.

11. Healing= As far as the healing itself goes I won't tell you how to do it because there are far too many forms of healing that you could be using. However there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the person you're trying to heal actually wants to be healed (the player might be trying to kill that character off).
  • Make sure the recipient can be magically healed; some characters have a resistance to this or are allergic to certain types of magic. If you don't heal magically, say you're an herbalist or use force of will make sure they know this.
  • Do not heal yourself or others instantaneously; it's just not possible, even for a god. You would at least need to see a glow or feel some tingling or something. It doesn't have to take an hour to heal someone but it should take more than a few seconds no matter how you're doing it.
  • If someone should react in a specific way to your healing let them know (if you can in another window so no one else can see it.), also let them know in some way when you're done healing them, it's not always easy to tell.

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