~*The Royal Court*~

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The Court of Her Imperial Empress (snakelady1) and Her Royal Majesty Queen Nimue (alexfanclubworldhq)
is where all-powerful characters should strive to be recognized,
and where true power rests.
Court is full of intrigue and provides social opportunities for the high-members of the guild
as well as lower ranking members.

Strict etiquette is observed in Court, members must make an Etiquette check to be "seen"
to be acting correctly in the presence of their betters (posting on the board when called or
requesting an audience before the start of court).
The Royal Herald (maya331563) dictates who gets an audience.

Guide Lines During Court

1)-People attending court have to arrange themselves before the throne(post you are there before court begins)
2)-If you have business with the crown, give it to the herald (maya331563) before the court opens.
3)-Once the court is opened, you should not talk (post) unless absolutely neccesary.
4)-Talking (posting) during court is rude to the thrones and the audience.
5)-If called above the throne, respond promptly
6)-If asked to come before the throne, show courtesy by (posting you are:)bowing and standing
7)-When you are dismissed, bow and return to your seat (post you have done so).
8)-When an award is given out, those members who receive an award may post they accept the award.
You should bow before the court to accept your award and then return to your "seat"
9)-At the end of the court ceremony the Empress and Queen leave first. Royals next followed by all other guild members.
10)- Games and Posting may begin again or resume.