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Guild Operations Manual
This page explains how our guild is run, featuring our code of honor and conduct, guild council and member bios and everything officially guild related.

Award Codes
Here you can see the awards that will be given to our members for outstanding service and dedication to our guild to proudly display in their shops, lookups or galleries.

Guild Court Etiquette

Excalibur News
The latest news brought to you by countesskendra, articles,stories and poems plus a lot more written by your fellow guild members! Your article doesn't have to have a neopets theme but any theme you like!! Read The latest issue now on Americah's pet page!

Pet Center Adoptions
Learn how to become a Foster Parent and Sponsor a pet. Please take a look at Taka_Sidian's pet page for a list fo pets. Contact sesshoumaru_no_onna for information!

Guild Game Guide
To view and get the latest tips to win that game avatar go to UWoKA's game guide on Porunga_'s pet page, plus there are non-avatar games as well

~Guild Quest~
We now have a new roleplay started! For character info please go to the Roleplay page. For an up to date roleplay posts please go to Kiaerse's pet page.



Guild Chat

Lookups, Shop Layout, & More! by Kmacc2

Guild Banners

Avatar Info

Pet Adoptions

Avatar Help page

BattleDome Help Site

Glitter by sesshoumaru_no_onna

Usuki Frenzy
A Music Bistro
Meerca Chase
Foster's Reveal

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