The Utopian World of King Arthur's
Code of Honor

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We, the members of this guild, swear to abide by this,
the Code Of Honor...

  • To always honor and respect your fellow guild members.
  • To always lend a hand to your neighbor leaving no soldier behind.
  • To treat your fellow members with the utmost consideration and
    make no comment or threat in regards to intolerance; racism, sexism, or religious persecutions.
  • To understand that by following this code you accept responsibility
    and ensure the trust of your fellow member to do no harm, physical or emotional, and they will neither return any harm to you.
  • If you must duel, duel on the lawn (outside neopets) and never in
    The Court (on the guild board.)
  • To learn from the past and live for the future.
  • To dishonor the code is to dishonor your neighbor, and thus you
    shall be cast into exile, never to return...


Rule 1 - Read our code of honor. Do not post on the guild board any posts that break this code of honor. The Code of Honor is always on the guild web site.

Rule 2 - If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. We don't want to hear insults about other guild members unless in humor. So if you have an issue about another guild member, please keep it either to yourself and that person or neomail the guild justice (sunshyne916) and she will assist you.

Rule 3 - Begging: There is a diffence between asking for help and begging. It is acceptable to ask for quest assistance or assistance in finding an item. It is not acceptable to say, "Can someone please give me ..." We all work and earn what we have.

Rule 4 - Respect Neopets: There is a difference between complaining about neopets & respecting neopets. You can complain about what they do, but remember this is a free site. Please don't mention their competitors (other pet sites) here or criticize their sponsors (like Disney).

Rule 5 - No two person conversations. I have been in guilds were two people post back and forth over and over to each other. Take this conversation to a different message board. If you discover you're in a two person conversation, it is acceptable to say go to the blank message board. Multiple person conversations are acceptable. If three, four, five, or six people start chatting together, that will be ok. Although after the conversation, if it doesnt pertain to the guild, our guild monitors will delete the posts when the conversation appears done.

Rule 6 - Avoid one and two word posts unless it is part of a game. There are just too many lol posts or smiley only posts being deleted.

Rule 7 - Follow these posting policies:

  • As a courtesy, please reserve the sinsi shape shifter avatar for the king.
  • Any of the following are allowed: event posts, neopian or guild theme posts, questions, answers, and life event posts and the ensuing discussions they promote.
  • Please use an appropriate topic for your messages.
  • Please create a single larger post rather than a bunch of small ones when responding to a variety of messages (event posts should be separated).
  • "Banter chat" is discouraged. These are posts for the sake of just posting. (Example: Hey guys I had a great day, What's up?)
  • "Chat speak" is discouraged.
  • If there is a posting issue, address it by neomail to sunshyne916(Justice) and she will address the issue. Only high council may post messages regarding how to post.

Rule 8 - Reread Rule 1!!