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**Guild Posting Rules**

1) Please do not post one word phrases
2) Please try and group ideas into one post
3) BE courteous. If you do not like the post, then someone else wont.
4) If you are inactive
for 30 days (townsperson),
45 (apprentice)
or 60 days (nobles and higher),
you will be deleted from the guild
5) Minor accounts are not allowed in the guild without another account taking responsibility for that account
6) IF you accept neomails from neofriends only, you must have all five members of high council as neofriends so we can contact you.

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**Guild Rank Rules & Gifts**

The promotion quests serve three purposes:
1) To help you become familiar with the guild.
2) To help us learn about you.
2) To have you earn your promotion by helping the guild.

The quests may not cost items or neopoints. They are actions you must do in order to get promoted. If you have not received your quest from the quest master after sending two neomails at least 3 days apart and at least 3 days have elapsed since the second message, please alert the queen, Alexfanclubworldhq so she can looked in to

If you feel a quest is unfair, please contact sunshyne916 and she will address the issue to the council for review.

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**Avatar Reservations for Council**

As a courtesy these avatars are reserved to these council members, please respect this and use a different avatar, thank you=)

Reserved Avatar
Reserved for Unionabiel, King
Reserved for Alexfanclubworldhq, Queen Nimue
Reserved for Sunshyne916, Justice of Peace
Reserved for Fairymoonraven, Morgana
Reserved for Neoparent42, Elaine
Reserved for Kraetze, Questmaster
Reserved for Camelot_Renewed, Questmaster
None Selected
Reserved for Maya3331563, Herald
Reserved for Ladymoonflowers, Chatelaine
Reserved for Kmacc2, Merlin
None Seleceted
Sesshoumaru_no_onna, Pet Adoptions
None Selected
Crispers01, Game Guide and Battledome

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**Members Celebrations**

coming soon!

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**Members Mentor Program **

The initial idea is to pair up new users (new to neopia and utopia)
with experienced users that will help them understand
the basics and avoid scams and other serious newbie errors of neopia and help orient the new member to guild protocols and customs.

We want to try to match users as best we can,
so if you are interested in being a mentor
or having a mentor please neomail Queen Alexfanclubworldhq with the following information:

1) whether you want to be a mentor or would like to have a mentor,
2) the time of day (NST) and which days of the week you are usually available on neopets

3)your neopian interest (e.g., battling, restocking, games - puzzles, games - action, etc.)


After we get started, we will look at expanding into mentors for various specialties -- e.g. battledome, restocking, etc.

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**Guild History**

c. dankity_dank -
one of our first graphic artists in the guild ran and hosted several shops;
was the first guild mall director;
and served in the fifth council spot for most of her term.
She Briefly also served in the fourth spot but was moved to fifth afterwards to accomodate a name change in one of the council ranks.
Her personal life took her away from us.

d. krycona -
the co-founder of this guild served as queen until the magic computer failed her.
Still in the guild, we are waiting her return to queen status.
I have credited her for the early success of getting the initial foundation members in the guild.

g. misstighty -
also known as rustic_cottage served in the fourth council position most of her term as chatelaine.
Famous for her 1 NP auctions, she is one person that an award is named after.
She left us shortly before the "Big Rift".

h. sissiefunk -
Served her entire council as the fifth member and was promoted to fourth council when rapidash000 was added to council.
When the "big rift" occurred, she was selected to form another guild and Utopia went into hibernation for six weeks.
She was known for her children activities and her Concert shop where any member could get one free concert ticket per week.

The guild when it was formed was formed because of laveidem.
In Golden Door, the guild I and our beginning core group was in prior to this one -
had a night were jokes were told -
some of which were very racially innappropriately. The leader of the guild blew this off so -
krycona, lavaidem and magical_botch quit.
In the meanwhile some other political circumstance,
misstighty and alexfanclub left the guild prior to this event happening and
once invited formed a 6 person starting group and between these people the first council was started with magical_botch holding the fifth position,
misstighty the fourth position, alexfanclub the third spot,
krycona the second spot and myself the first spot.
This left no room for laveidem who consented not to hold a council position.

Magical_botch is known for being the first council member to step down from the guild (she was asked and she accepted stepping down) -
and when this occurred, bebewoo was placed into this position.
Bebewoo is the person who served the shortest amount of time on council.
At this point in time, Bebewoo ran the codestone exchange.
Four days later bebewoo left the guild for the first time.
After this dankity_dank stepped in to take her place.
Laveidem for all of her contributions to the guild, left us about 2 weeks into the guild formation to help another person start a guild.
She returned again a couple of months from that point but by that time council was well established.
The contribution Laveidem had were the code of honor which was designed because of the inappropriateness of these jokes.

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