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Our Council

You may send a messenger owl by way of the Medieval Sound Network (MSN), if you wish to speak with any of our members.

Unionabiel - King Arthur - Noble leader of The Utopian World of King Arthur. If you ever need assistance please let him know by either contacting him through neomail or Medieval Sound Network. unionabiel@hotmail.com

Alexfanclubworldhq - Queen Nimue - Our noble 2nd in command and festival events coordinator. She also coordinate the guild mentor program to orient new members into the guild.
She also handles the quests for our townsfolks-apprentice.
Finally she has the duties of moral officer and is the emergency contact when the King are not available.

Sunshyne916 - Ceridwen - Duchess Sunshyne Archmagus is our guild justice and a resident HTML expert. Please contact her via neomail if you have any problems with another guild member or policy. In addition, she is the head operator of the guild benefit mall. If you have questions about the guild code of honor or proper guild board ettiquette she is the person to ask.

Fairymoonraven - Morgana - Countess Fairy Archmagus is our expert creating the wonderful guild layouts and other stuff. She holds the fourth position on our Guild Council and manages our Guild website. She is also our resident HTML expert. For help with pet pages and shops you can contact her via neomail. In addition she is the pet and petpet avatar lending coordinator and packrat lot coordinator. She also handles the battle lending center at fairy_transfer. Finally she hands out the guild apprentice promotion packs.

Neoparent42 - Elaine - Baroness Neoparent Archmagus are responsible for daily events and activities, she also handles most of the avatar pet lending.

Advisors (Sub Council)

Loganandmommy - Scribe - Duchess Starr is responsible for sending the King an update of events on the guild board on a daily basis. This is especially true in tracking group activities. In addition she keeps records of each royal court.

Kraetze - Noble Quest Master - Duchess Kraetze is responsible for the promotion of apprentices to noble. Please contact her if you wish to be promoted from apprentice to noble.

Alexfanclubworldhq - Quest Master - Queen Nimue - Alexfanclubworldhq is responsible for the promotion of townspeople to apprentices. Please contact her if you wish to be promoted from townsperson to apprentice.

Crispers01- Battledome master - Crispers is responsible for our guild battledome and gameroom challenges and organizes them from time to time.

Sesshoumaru_no_onna- Adoption center coordinator - Sess is responsible for our adoption pet page. If you wish to add your pet neomail her directly.

Soon to be updated - Guild Editor - .............. is the guild editor. If you have any complaints, queries or any questions please contact her via neomail.

Maya3331563 - Herald - Countess Maya Esquire is our guild herald who runs the Royal Court. If you have any business for Court please contact her so she can put it on the agenda. Maya is also running our current roleplay.

Countesskendra - Chronicler - Countess Kendra organizes the publishing of our guild newsletter, Excallibur. If you wish to help with this contact her as she can always use submissions of any kind. You can find our latest issue on Americah's Petpage.

Rainbowcog - Swap Coordinator - Countess Rainbowcog organizes a group guild swap of items based on a theme. Details are always posted. These usually occur in June, August, October, December, Febrary, and April. Contact her to sign up for the next guild swap.

Ladymoonflowers - Chatelaine- Ladymoonflowers will often times be a new persons first contact in the guild as she welcomes each new member to the guild. She is there to help all new members become comfortable with the guild itself and to help you through the learning process of what you need to do become a citizen of Camelot.



Magestrate - This rank is bestowed upon members who are current advisors or present council members.

Royalty - Is granted at court to those who receive the Order of the Round Table or the Queen's Favor. You also receive this rank if an award is named after you. See the
awards page for more details.

Noble - You shall be granted the status of Noble when you have completed four of Kraetze's quests and been a member of the guild for 3 months. (See quests information below.)

Apprentice - From townsfolk, you must be in the guild for 10 days and complete one quest from alexfanclubworldhq. (See quests information below.)

Townsperson - Everyone is townsperson among entering the guild. They have the title of Lord or Lady.


The promotion quests serve three purposes:

1) To help you become familiar with the guild, their members, and their policies

2) To help the guild to learn who you are

2) To earn your promotion by helping the guild the works, actions, and deeds.

The quests will not cost items or neopoints. They are actions you must do in order to get promoted.

If you have not received your quest from a council member after sending two neomails at least 3 days apart and at least 3 days have elapsed since the second message, you may contact the Queen, Alexfanclubworldhq, and she will see what problem, if any is occurring with the quests being given out.

If you feel a quest is unfair, you may appeal the quests to Sunshyne916. She will present your appeal to the guild council for discussion and ruling.


Step up and meet our Guild
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