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For item avatars, neomail your request to unionabiel.
For pet or petpet avatars, neomail neoparent42, fairymoonraven, or unionabiel.

Avatar Center

1. Check what your rank on the guild page is.
2. To see how to raise your rank, go to the rank page.
3. If you have the reduced member collateral price, you may only borrow one item at a time.

4. If item is not up in trades, neomail unionabiel to place item in his trades.

Collateral Amounts for TOWNSPEOPLE

On your honor, no colateral required
any item with shop wizard value of 95,000 nps
All other items full collateral
Also all townspeople can battle darigan tonu and Jetsam

Collateral Amounts for active APPRENTICES items

On you honor, no collateral required
Same as townsperson

100K or half collateral, whichever is more - Icy Snowflake, Chokato, Meowclops

You are also eligible for some avatar pets at this time.

Collateral Amounts for Active NOBLES

On your honor, no colateral required
Same as apprentices
on your honor - Icy Snowflake, Chokato, Meowclops
800K collateral - Mystery Palm Shield, Faerie Queen Doll, and Zafara Double Agent Plushie
You may also borrow lendable aged petpets and avatar pets including as follows:
Pink Pet, Coconut Jubjub, Aged Slorg, Aged Snicklebeast

Collateral Amounts for Active ROYALS and above

In general, same as Nobles but change the following
100K collateral - Mystery Palm Shield, Faerie Queen Doll, and Zafara Double Agent Plushie

Sister Guild COUNCIL Affilates : There is no sister guild affiliates at this moment that qualify for our lending program

Avatar Pet
& Petpet Lending Center